What Types of Public Records are Available in New York State?

New York State Records provide access to a variety of public records, including arrest records, vital records, criminal records, contact details, jail inmate records, property records, traffic violations, and business property. Most court records are available to the public in New York, with the exception of divorce cases where records are sealed. As a resident of New York State, you have the legal right to inspect public records through the state's Freedom of Information Act (FOIL). Each agency has its own procedures for processing requests for records.

However, some public access to certain records is restricted, especially those that would violate personal privacy, interfere with an ongoing investigation, reveal trade secrets, or endanger the life or safety of any person. Adoption records for adoptees under 18 years of age are sealed and not available to the general public in New York State. NYC Records & Information Services has historical death records in all five New York counties dating back to 1795. You can also search the New York Secretary of State's Uniform Commercial Code Public Consultation System for UCC by standard (RA), search logic, non-standard, registration number, or insured person. Divorce records are sealed in New York and are only available to parties involved in the divorce process.

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