What Types of Documents are Included in New York Public Records?

People can use public records to obtain basic information about purchases, mortgages, asset searches, and other legal and financial issues. According to Duely & Constantly Kept, from the New York State Court of Appeals and the New York State Archives and Records Administration, a defendant obtained an error order to withdraw the judgment from a lower court of registry to the Supreme Court of Justice for review, when the process showed a “manifest error” of law. Most of the cases reviewed in writing of error came from the county-level common causes court. On May 6, 1691, the New York Assembly passed a law establishing a Supreme Court of the Judiciary, the highest common law court in the colony, with jurisdiction in the first instance.

This court exercised original jurisdiction over the main criminal cases, civil actions in which the amount required exceeded twenty pounds, and all actions related to the ownership of real estate. Access to public records varies from state to state depending on the type of record you are looking for and its currency or age. For more information on FOIL (Freedom of Information Law), visit the New York State Open Government Committee website. The documents included in New York public records originate from the New York City Mayor's Court (also known as the Court of Common Appeals) and the New York Supreme Court of the Judiciary.

These documents include affidavits, arrest warrants, filed bail receipts, bonds for limits, documents that indicate that the defendant is obligated to the New York City Sheriff for debts, requests for release of prisoners, promissory notes, legal documents that refer to search statements, error orders, documents related to property, wills, family information and the Court of Chancery, and other legal and commercial documents. Criminal history records maintained by the Division of Criminal Justice Services are released only if permitted by state law and regulation. Searching for guests in electronically filed case records is possible even without an electronic filing account. This page includes links to public record document portals as well as links to some frequently requested or specific agencies in New York City.

Information about ignition lock device programs includes regulations and laws regarding their use, approved suppliers operating in New York State, types of locking devices available and a list of ignition lock device monitors by county. Marriage records appear on computer screens in the registry room but are not accessible to the general public. The war between Great Britain and France in 1760 caused a depression in New York creating a new large class of debtors. As indicated in promissory notes and affidavits struggling citizens were arrested for debts and forced to pay James Morris, New York City sheriff, the amount they owed.

The Archives of the New York County Clerk's Office contain Supreme Court records filed by the New York City Clerk as well as nearly all surviving records of colonial supreme court.

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