How to Find Public Records in New York

As a resident of New York State, you have the legal right to inspect public records under the state's Freedom of Information Act (FOIL). You can request court records directly from the Clerk of Court or from the County Clerk who has the records. Criminal records are available in the court system. NYC Records & Information Services has historical death records for the five boroughs of New York City dating back to 1795. Adoption records for adoptees under 18 years of age are sealed and not available to the general public in New York State.

Public access to information on cases in the Southern District of New York is provided through a service of the United States judiciary called PACER. When an offender is arrested, law enforcement agencies take comprehensive notes in the form of an arrest record, and these records are public to all by law. PACER is an acronym for Public Access to Court Electronic Records and allows account holders to view documents that have been filed in the court's electronic case filing system (ECF). Bronx County is the third most densely populated county in the country, and its public records are available to its citizens because of the New York Public Servants Act. Divorce records are sealed in New York and are only available to parties involved in the divorce process.

These records are available to all members of the general public, who can access them quickly and easily, without having to provide personal information, unless such information is necessary to access confidential information. Queens County is the most diverse county in the country, and its public records, court records, arrest records and criminal records are available for public reading and use. New York citizens have the right to search, obtain, study and use the public records of government agencies, municipal agencies, and law enforcement authorities. Criminal records, court records, vital records, and arrest records from more than 330 million transparent public records are available on this website. When it comes to requesting public records from New York agencies, there is no standard procedure as each agency has its own procedures for processing requests. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your request is processed quickly and efficiently.

First, make sure you know exactly what type of record you are looking for. This will help you narrow down your search and make it easier for you to find what you need. Once you know what type of record you need, contact the agency or department that holds it. You can usually find contact information on their website or by calling their office. When making your request, be sure to provide as much detail as possible about what type of record you need and why you need it.

This will help speed up the process. Finally, be sure to follow up with your request if you don't hear back from the agency within a reasonable amount of time. This will ensure that your request is being processed and that you will receive a response soon.

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