Uncovering New York Public Records

New York State is home to a wealth of public records, from vital records such as birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce records since 1996, to court records, annual reports, and mandatory publications. But how can you find out if a particular document is part of a New York public record? The first step is to determine which office holds the records you are looking for. Vital records are maintained by the state, while court records must be requested directly from the Clerk of Court or County Clerk. The Supreme Court and County Court generally file their files with the County Clerk, so it's best to check with that office first.

If you need a paper document or can't locate a case by searching by case number, party name, or using the United States Split Case Index (USPCI), contact the court to request a court record. The New York County Clerk is responsible for receiving documents that initiate special actions and procedures and for maintaining the official court files, which contain all documents filed with the court in each case. Index numbers are assigned only to actions and proceedings issued by the Supreme Courts of New York or Monroe County. The Monroe County Clerk's Office is the source of criminal records filed by the Supreme Courts of New York State and Monroe County.

Public access to information on cases in the Southern District of New York is provided through a service of the United States judiciary called PACER. This provides access to the case summary, file entries, and copies of documents filed in federal cases. Judicial and public land records can be searched in the Clerk's Office, either in person or through a request by phone or fax. For more information on FOIL (the Freedom of Information Law), visit the New York State Open Government Committee website.

This page includes links to public record document portals, as well as links to some frequently requested or specific agencies in New York City. Information about the ignition lock device program includes regulations and laws regarding the use of ignition lock devices, the suppliers approved to operate in the state of New York, the types of locking devices available, and the list of ignition lock device monitors by county. The ease of access to public records also varies; some are available online, while others are only available on paper and require the submission of an application by mail to the specific government office where they were filed. Unless otherwise prescribed by law, the Public Servants Act (section 87) authorizes an agency to charge a fee of 25 cents per copy for copies of records up to 9 x 14 inches, or the actual cost of reproducing a record.

But keep in mind that marriage records, as noted above, are confidential under New York State law. In conclusion, if you're looking for public records in New York State, it's important to know which office holds those records. Vital records are maintained by the state while court records must be requested directly from the Clerk of Court or County Clerk. You can also access information on cases in the Southern District of New York through PACER.

Additionally, there are links to public record document portals on the New York State Open Government Committee website.

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