How to Request Public Records in New York

The process for filing a request for public records in New York is relatively straightforward. The first step is to use the Open FOIL NY online form. This form can be found on the New York City Police Department's website. Once the form is completed, applicants should proceed to the main entrance of the building and inform security personnel that they are there to request records.

Security staff will then contact the Office of Access to Records and a member of staff will provide assistance. It is important to note that records must be reviewed before they are released. As a result, documents and records will not be immediately available. However, numerous NYPD datasets and records are now accessible online in the Department's Statistics section. It is recommended that, before submitting an FOIL request, applicants check if access to the records they are looking for has already been provided to the public.

A list of the forms currently maintained by the NYPD can be found here. If requested, electronic copies of non-exempt responsive records can be sent by email. However, electronic documents that exceed the maximum capacity of the email server must be copied to an electronic medium (such as a compact disc) and forwarded by mail. For more information on FOIL, applicants should visit the New York State Open Government Committee website. Additionally, if the records requested require payment of a fee, applicants will be notified before the records are delivered.

Furthermore, if a case has been active since 2000, regardless of when it was initiated, applicants can view details in the links provided by the NYPD. To obtain information on how to obtain a certified copy of a divorce decree, applicants must be a party to the lawsuit, be the registered lawyer, or have an affidavit or certified letter signed by one of the parties to the action or the registered lawyer, which gives them authority to obtain a copy of the divorce decree. This information should include names of persons against whom judgment was handed down (debtor of judgment) and in favor of (creditor of judgment), address of parties, date of entry and amount of judgment (if known). The Bronx County Clerk's Office is located at 851 Grand Concourse, Room 118 Bronx, NY. Finally, a search can be conducted in person at the Clerk's Office or through a request by phone or fax. Mark Longtoe, Assistant Counselor at New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (40 North Pearl, 16th Floor, Albany, NY 12243) can provide further information on how to obtain public records in New York.

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